Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Renaissance Preppy

         The blouse was found at my local thrift store, soon after one of the buttons fell off, typical for thrifted clothing. Luckily I am a master seamstress (jk) and sewed it back on. The floral is really light which I love because it goes with so many different colors.
         I bought the floral head band at the Casa De Fruta Renaissance Faire. I go to the faire every year in full costume and eat turkey legs and see lots of women with their boobs pushed up to their chins. I suggest going if you are in the area, it is filled with all types of cool activities and people. The guy who sold me the headband looked like Willy Wonka and that maaay have been part of the reason that I bought it:) 
       The skirt was purchased at the Aptos Flea Market on a table marked “Everything 1 dollar.” Flea markets are always an absolute ball for me to go to. The boot were my christmas present, and my life savers. I have super arched feet so I constantly have foot pain, but Doc Martens have such stellar arch support that they really help my foot out. I wear them a little too much hehe. 
So thats my blog post for today. Remember, what you wear decides your future. And you want a fabulous future. 

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