Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Is it a Bathing Suit or is it a Dress?

Hat: Nasty Gal
Shoes: Schuler and Sons Philadelphia (purchased at Crossroads)
Dress: Vintage
Sunnies & Bag: Gifts

I randomly decided to go into my local thrift store "The Purple Dragon," which I only visit on occasion due to their lack of new inventory, but this trip I found two vintage black dresses. This one seemed to have the vibe of a vintage one piece bathing suit. To quote my friend Justine "Do you know what goes great with black? More Black." So I ended up pairing it with my favorite black bowler hat and black round sunglasses. 

As it is summer, I had been on the continual search for the perfect pair of sandals because I loathe both flip-flops and gladiator sandals. I found these platform Schuler and Sons sea foam colored platforms at my local Crossroads blue tagged for only 50 dollars! They are insanely comfortable and I highly suggest anyone and everyone investing in a pair of platform sandals. I chose to wear my flamingo print bag along as the blue of the sandal tied in with it.

I started my senior year 3 days ago and so far, I still hate high school. This year I have been trying to transition into a more vintage school girl look. Follow my instagram @sleepingplum for updates on my daily outfits!

Friday, July 26, 2013


Recently I made a trip to San Diego (for comic con, post about it to come) and LA with 2 of my best friends. Of course being girls, we decided to do some shopping while in LA, so we went to The Cobra Shop, Glitter Death, the Pygmy Hippo Shoppe, and also the Buffalo Exchange in Santa Monica. I had high expectations for most of these shops, some of them exceeded and some of them failed miserably.

The Cobra Shop:
Located at 1441 n HIGHLAND, Los Angeles CA 90028
Website: Here

I had heard about this store through celebrities such as model Audrey Kitching and knew I wanted to visit it when I was in the area. We drove 30 minutes to find a dirty store, filled with boring thrift store items priced too high. Although they had some generic but still cool reproduction 90's wear, I was left wanting more. My friends bought their "parental advisory" shirts, and were luckily given lots of cool stickers with their purchase. Overall my advice is to purchase things from their online store because they have a super rad collection of new items that are not found at the store. I think they should rid the store of all shitty t-shirts and continue on with the selling of their own product because the things they create are better than the things they resell. I give Cobra Shop a 6/10 but it has the possibility of becoming a 10/10.

Located at 1443 n. highland, Hollywood CA 90028

The reason I discovered this store was because it is physically the neighbor of the Cobra Shop. The aesthetics of this store is quite similar to the Cobra Shop, but 50's-80's themed instead of 90's. Immediately I knew that this shop sold things similar to what I have favorited on sites like Etsy. We browsed through the vintage dresses, records, and upstairs art gallery, all being quite unique and interesting. The handmade and vintage jewelry that filled the front desk was awesome and so was the employee/owner?, Manny. He told us all about his knowledge of interesting characters such as Charles Manson and was a complete delight to converse with. Overall I give glitter death a 8.5/10, with their only flaw being not as much inventory as it should have. As a growing store I think it will grow and flourish, hopefully becoming as popular as the Cobra Shop.

Pygmy Hippo Shoppe:
Located at 306 N. Stanley Ave, Los Angeles, Ca 90036
Website: Here

I had somehow stumbled upon this store's Instagram, saw all their adorable handmade and vintage items, and knew this store had the potential to be one of my favorite stores ever. And now, it is. We pulled up to the shop, and I had expected it to be around the size of a small living room, but it was more the size of a bathroom. Despite the small size, I spent a solid 30 minutes in there, looking through all the wonderful merchandise and chatting with the shop's owner (who was so sweet and sincerely passionate about the store). I was amazed at the fact that I wanted to buy almost every single item in the store, especially the jewelry and these pink floral cat ears. I give Pygmy Hippo Shoppe a 11/10, exceeding any and all expectations.

Buffalo Exchange:
Located at 2449 Main St, Santa Monica, Ca, 90405
Website: Here

Of course I had to do some second hand shopping while in LA, so my friend suggested the Buffalo Exchange in Santa Monica. Yes I know there are many other Buffalo Exchanges in the US, and I have been to the one in Long Beach and the one on the Haight in San Fransisco, but this one was different. Located next to a Ben & Jerrys' in downtown Santa Monica, this store was filled to the brim with awesome clothing and shoes. I had to limit myself to which racks I looked at because I only had 30 dollars and I didn't want to fall in love with something and not be able to buy it. I found countless high end tops for only 10 dollars, but also a ton of vintage finds. In the back of the store they have a vintage dress rack, the number one thing I look for. I ended up purchasing a handmade parrot print terry cloth maxi dress, velveteen high waisted shorts, and a adorable vintage button up with palm tree embroidery. I would've spent at least another 100 dollars if I could at this shop. Not to mention the staff members were courteous and conversational. The Santa Monica Buffalo Exchange gets a solid 10/10 for being my new favorite second hand store.

What I've learned from this experience is that I need to live in LA because the shopping is perfect for me. The End.

So thats my blog post for today. Remember, what you wear decides your future. And you want a fabulous future. 


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Smoke & Talons

 Dress: Motel Rocks 
Clutch: Deena & Ozzy
Jewelry: Gifts
Shoes: Thifted

This is the lovely dress I mentioned in my last "Motel Really Does Rock" post that I found at Urban Outfitters on major sale. My birthday was June 5th, so I've been getting ton of new clothing and what not to shoot with ^.^ My grandmother always takes me on a small shopping excursion on my birthday so I got this dress along with various other clothes; mostly of which are black and white combinations.

The clutch was given to me by my wonderful friend Andie. I love love love holographic print items, but in a very small amounts. This clutch is the perfect accent to this outfits because it is new age because of the print, but classy because of the scalloped edges. It comes in a ton of different shades too (personally I adore the black one also). Plus it goes with my silver jewelry choices. I chose a simple aquamarine necklace along with a creepy pendent of talon's grasping a crystal ball around my neck, and an aquamarine magnetic bracelet. If you couldn't tell, I absolutely adore aquamarine because it does with almost every color.

I had to show off my hooker/ 70's cage dancer sparkly platforms. THEY MAKE ME SO TALL, even though I am already 5'8. I almost broke my ankle when I tripped walking out to a location but they are worth it! I found them at my local Salvation Army along with a pair of Cole Hann loafers, a complete and utter jackpot.

Overall I say my birthday was a complete success because I got a ton of new clothing that I adore. If you'd like to see some of my other purchases along with various other outfits not posted on my blog, check out my instagram: @sleepingplum

So thats my blog post for today. Remember, what you wear decides your future. And you want a fabulous future. 


Friday, June 14, 2013

Motel actually ROCKS


 I recently got extremely lucky and found THIS Motel Rocks dress in the sale section of Urban Outfitters... FOR 10 DOLLARS. I couldn't believe how lucky I was. I will post the styling of this dress super soon! I have always been a huge fan of Motel Rocks, but their dresses have always been just a tiny bit out of my price range. I have a few more things I would love to buy from them: 

(from left to right)

THIS adorable halter. I have been needing more crop tops, considering I only own high waisted shorts for the most part. The Hamsa print has been a trend recently, despite it's religious connection. It seems that society has moved from being infatuated with inverted crosses, to fawning over Hamsas and Buddahs. 

THIS gorgeous blue dress. I love the length and the whole ombre effect. It is almost mock tie dye and I am a tie dye fanatic. 

THIS popart inspired teeshirt. I adore almost all things involved with pop art, especially anything involved with Andy Warhol. Blonde vintage babes are my favorite and so I am in love with this shirt.

So thats my blog post for today. Remember, what you wear decides your future. And you want a fabulous future. 


Saturday, May 25, 2013


Just kidding, prom is amazing but it is not thaaaat important. For my prom, I went for a bit of a old hollywood look. I bought my dress for $150 from a little vintage store in Alameda called Juniper Tree. It is from the 1950's and it fit me just perfectly so I had to purchase it.  The back was just gorgeous with layers of "poofs" of fabric. I made my boyfriend (Brad) go for the classic James Bond look to continue with the old hollywood look. I encourage the choice of doing a "vintage" prom!

Now there are some advantages and some disadvantages of purchasing a vintage dress.

-You do not have to worry about anyone at prom having the same dress as you
-Since it is pre-worn, the price will be about half the cost as it would be normally
-Vintage Dresses are made better so they will have more interesting fabric and cut.

-There may be so loose strings and/or missing buttons and snaps, but most of the time it is nothing that a good seamstress can fix.
-Since they only come in one size most of the time, you have to do a bit more shopping for a dress. I have plenty of dress that are completely gorgeous, but they are too small or too big.

Overall I really suggest buying vintage for prom or homecoming! 2 out of my 4 dress I've bought for formal dances were pre-owned and they have saved me tons of money. Plus, the money saved on the dress can go towards hair, makeup or shoes (I suggest shoes because you can wear them again). Hope everyone else had a wonderful prom night!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Whorehouse Roses

Dress: ModCloth (but purchased at thrift store) 
Shoes: Thrifted
Accessories: Vintage
Dog: Named Colby :)

Whenever anyone in my family would wear anything with a big rose print on it, my grandma would always say it was "Whorehouse Rose" print. So that is why the title of this post is what it is, NOT because I look like a whore... 

Anyways I was absolutely ecstatic when I found this dress at my local Salvation Army. It is made by Modcloth, one of my most favorite places to online shop. I wish I could buy all the 50's style dresses on that site but they are just a bit out of my price range. 

My shoes were also bought at my salvation army, and I plan on painting them a different color soon! I love doing DIY projects like that. I will most definitely be doing a DIY how to make a bow video sometime! 

So thats my blog post for today. Remember, what you wear decides your future. And you want a fabulous future. 


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Breakfast Club Bitch

Shirt: Mango Jean, Pants: LA Gear (thrift find), Shoes: Converse, Purse: Vintage

So I just got back from a week and a half in France and Barcelona, so I apologize for the lack of posts. Most of the time we were visiting museums because it was an art trip, but when I was walking through the city I really got a taste of the cities. I was amazed with the fashion there, half the time it was amazing and half the time it was so terrible. I saw a lot of bold prints, hats, and sundresses, which I loved. I only had one real day to shop but when I got to, I tried to avoid stores I could find back here in the states.

This shirt is from Mango, which was a store I saw in both Paris and Barcelona. I love it because the front is a nice material, but the back is jersey which makes it super comfortable. I don't have very many simple teeshirts but I definitely want some more like this. I paired it with my favorite pair of high waisted jeans, LA Gear brand. The bedazzled button, and the V in the back make them unique and they were an amazing find. 

The shoes are Converse, they used to be white. I wear them a ton so they have gotten dirty over the past year. I don't like crispy white shoes too much so I don't mind the change in color. My purse is vintage and I love it's bulkiness. The Earrings are Forever 21.

So thats my blog post for today. Remember, what you wear decides your future. And you want a fabulous future.