Saturday, February 9, 2013

If only i had enough money for it alll

As my this being my first post, I wanted to start off sweet and simple. I chose a few of my favorite items off my favorite stores and decided to share them. Basically its a wish list. But a really awesome wish list. I want my readers to get the jist of my style. So lets begin:

1.Cambridge Satchel Company's Classic Satchel:
To start off, THIS BAG. It is so simple yet perfect. One of my favorite style icons is Zooey Deschanel who has a bag extremely similar. One this I absolutely adore about it, is the fact that you can monogram it. I love when you can put personal touches on your clothes and accessories. It is made out of real leather so it is worth the price because it will last you a lifetime. This satchel is the perfect for school or everyday use. If needed you can fit a laptop in, or you can just fill it will all the other nonsense that goes in a normal purse (i.e. lipstick, wallet, phone, old receipts, a spoon, some old magazines, a cat, your lunch from a week ago, things like that).
Anyways this satchel can be found at:
2. Unif's Army Sherpa Jacket: 
 I have always adored Unif's "I don't give a fuck and I'm going to look amazing while not giving a fuck" look. This jacket is amazing in all aspects. Fur of all shapes and sizes are an awesome thing to have right now. This big furry collar looks so cozy it makes me want to buy this jacket partially because i would want to sleep in it. The whole thing is 100% cotton so YAY no animal cruelty! I love it when bunnies don't get killed. This is slightly a downfall for the outsides since its not water proof but, hey I'm in California, we have sunshine all the time (not really) so it doesn't matter too much. Plus this brand is known for great quality and great sales. 
Available at:

3. Motel's "Mizzy Denim Hot Pants in Paisley Blue Print":
You can never really have too much pastel blue in your life. This shorts are the perfect color to go with anything from orange fur, to black leather. There are endless outfits you could make with these shorts so they could surely be a staple in any women's closet. Wear them with black tights or thigh high socks to be warm for the winter, or with a bikini top in the summer. The cut of these shorts are sure to avoid any cutting off of circulation in your thighs or making any fat rolls from being too tight around you legs like some other shorts do no matter how skinny you are. Motel's clothes are almost like a mix between Wildfox Couture and Kate Spade but with reasonable prices (not to mention their insane sale section).
Available at:

4. Glowworm Shop's "Glow in the Dark Full Moon Necklace":
I have always been a sucker for taxidermy and glow in the dark so when I stumbled upon to this easy shop I was in love. Their eye necklaces are superb but I can not live much longer with out this necklace. Each piece is handmade and their prices are more than reasonable. 
Available at:

5. Brandy Melville's Juliet Sweater:
Originally I wanted to hate Brandy Melville because all the "basic bitches" at my school wore it. But then a miracle happened: I wondered into a BM store on the streets of San Francisco. I realized that all their items were well made, super comfortable, and super well priced! I finally understood why people love it so much. This sweater is a surprisingly tasteful combination of having tube socks on your arms and being subtly patriotic. When I was at the store I actually got to feel the knit, and automatically wanted this sweater (but it was the end of the day and I was out of money so i settled for a $12 american flag bralette). 
Available at:

So thats my blog post. Remember, what you wear decides your future. And you want a fabulous future. 

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