Saturday, June 15, 2013

Smoke & Talons

 Dress: Motel Rocks 
Clutch: Deena & Ozzy
Jewelry: Gifts
Shoes: Thifted

This is the lovely dress I mentioned in my last "Motel Really Does Rock" post that I found at Urban Outfitters on major sale. My birthday was June 5th, so I've been getting ton of new clothing and what not to shoot with ^.^ My grandmother always takes me on a small shopping excursion on my birthday so I got this dress along with various other clothes; mostly of which are black and white combinations.

The clutch was given to me by my wonderful friend Andie. I love love love holographic print items, but in a very small amounts. This clutch is the perfect accent to this outfits because it is new age because of the print, but classy because of the scalloped edges. It comes in a ton of different shades too (personally I adore the black one also). Plus it goes with my silver jewelry choices. I chose a simple aquamarine necklace along with a creepy pendent of talon's grasping a crystal ball around my neck, and an aquamarine magnetic bracelet. If you couldn't tell, I absolutely adore aquamarine because it does with almost every color.

I had to show off my hooker/ 70's cage dancer sparkly platforms. THEY MAKE ME SO TALL, even though I am already 5'8. I almost broke my ankle when I tripped walking out to a location but they are worth it! I found them at my local Salvation Army along with a pair of Cole Hann loafers, a complete and utter jackpot.

Overall I say my birthday was a complete success because I got a ton of new clothing that I adore. If you'd like to see some of my other purchases along with various other outfits not posted on my blog, check out my instagram: @sleepingplum

So thats my blog post for today. Remember, what you wear decides your future. And you want a fabulous future. 


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  1. The combination of your outfit is so nice. The blue clutch with blue funky necklace on the black frock is looking so good and eye catching. I will gonna carry this combination in the next upcoming party.