Saturday, May 25, 2013


Just kidding, prom is amazing but it is not thaaaat important. For my prom, I went for a bit of a old hollywood look. I bought my dress for $150 from a little vintage store in Alameda called Juniper Tree. It is from the 1950's and it fit me just perfectly so I had to purchase it.  The back was just gorgeous with layers of "poofs" of fabric. I made my boyfriend (Brad) go for the classic James Bond look to continue with the old hollywood look. I encourage the choice of doing a "vintage" prom!

Now there are some advantages and some disadvantages of purchasing a vintage dress.

-You do not have to worry about anyone at prom having the same dress as you
-Since it is pre-worn, the price will be about half the cost as it would be normally
-Vintage Dresses are made better so they will have more interesting fabric and cut.

-There may be so loose strings and/or missing buttons and snaps, but most of the time it is nothing that a good seamstress can fix.
-Since they only come in one size most of the time, you have to do a bit more shopping for a dress. I have plenty of dress that are completely gorgeous, but they are too small or too big.

Overall I really suggest buying vintage for prom or homecoming! 2 out of my 4 dress I've bought for formal dances were pre-owned and they have saved me tons of money. Plus, the money saved on the dress can go towards hair, makeup or shoes (I suggest shoes because you can wear them again). Hope everyone else had a wonderful prom night!

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